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Protecting your personal data and your models is extremely important to us. We realise that the data you entrust to us is more sensitive than the data you entrust to other firms and we therefore take the protection of your personal data really seriously.

Mr Michal Doubek, IČ: 02050501, who operates the web service, declares that all personal data of users and visitors are considered confidential and handled in accordance with Act No 101/2000Sb and with effect from 25. 5. 2016/679. No personal data of users is disclosed to third parties.

Where do we keep our personal data?

Personal data is stored on Digitalocean's servers at a datacenter in Frankurt, Germany. So we are storing the data in the territory of the European Union.

What personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data of three groups of people.


These are users who have registered with our app. I mean, you photographers and graphic artists. We compulsorily collect the following information about you:

             - f​ull Name

             - Email

             - Address (if you are a paying user)

             - IP address

Additionally, we may collect data for which we have a future use, but at the moment you do not have to provide it. In the future, however, we may require them for some application features:

              - Date of birth

              - Address (for purposes other than invoicing)


Models do not have direct access to the app, and you, as the photographer, are the custodian of their personal data. We act as processors to their personal data, and therefore we handle that data purely on the basis of your instructions, entered through the application.

For models, we collect the following data:

​                     - Full Name

                     - Date of birth

                     - Gender

                     - Email

                     - Phone

                     - Address

                     - Race or ethnicity affiliation

We collect this data for agencies into their model releases, which we help you with. The only activity we do with them is fill them in a contract, which you then just sign.

We can gather one more piece of information about the model, and that is a copy of the identity document. This is required by photobanks for photos of acts or, more generally, sexual-themed images. You can provide this information optionally.

Object Owners

The owner of the objects typically owns the property, which he provides for the photographer to take. We also act as a processor to his data.

We collect similar data about it to the model, but omit some:

​                    - Full name

                    - Date of Birth

                    - Email

                    - Phone

                    - Address

We collect this data so that we can fill it into a property release contract.

How is personal data secured?

We use encryption, secure connections, firewall, server access restrictions, and other modern procedures to secure personal data. Read more on the page, how do we protect your data?

How can the deletion of personal data be ensured?

If you want to make a complete deletion of your personal data, content uploaded to the app and other data, email to us. We will complete the deletion within 60 days.

The process of deleting the account is irreversible. We will also remove data from our backups. Data on invoices will be kept for the shortest possible period in accordance with applicable laws.

General Terms of Service

Use of is governed by Terms of Service.

Final provisions

By continuing to use, you are expressing your free, specific, informed and unambiguous will that you understand the processing of your personal data according to these rules.

We are entitled to change these rules according to the legislation in force.

If we change the rules, we'll let you know in the form of an e-mail message.

These rules take effect on 5. 10. 2019. If you have any questions, please contact email or telephone +420 774 646 172. You can also contact us via the contact form.



Phone: +420 774 646 172

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