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    I can't add release to my model's profile

    This happens, before your model's profile has to complete before adding releases to.

    Solution is to fill all required information in Model Panel (right sidebar).


    I can't click sign button on release (unable to sign)

    To be able to sign release, it has to be complete.

    Solution is to fill all information in Release Panel (right sidebar under Model Panel)


    I can't download signed release

    First, there has to be all signatures - you as photographer, model and witness. If only you signed the release, than signature is saved and release is waiting to be completed - signed by all parties.

    If you are clicking on download and nothing happens, this is caused by relese PDF being still generated. Please wait a minute or two and it will be available.

  • Guide

    How to use releases - how to attach them to images

    To be added.



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