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    I'M unable to connect my agencies

    There are three states of process of connecting your agency

    When you enter credentials to the form and click Save/Connect nothing changes. This state is pending. Our backend code will try to log in using these credentials and when it is done form will get green or red based on the result.

    If text next to your agency name states "Active" it means, credentials are ok and you can submit to this agency.

    If it states "Not connected" it can be caused by several issues: wrong credentials, enabled two-factor authentication or error during the process.

    Please make sure you are typing right login and password and 2FA is disabled.

    Another things you can try:

    1. Wait few minutes and try again

    2. Reload application as there can be issue with end-to-end encryption

    3. Try different browser, we recommend using Chrome

    If issue still remains, it's likely to be error on our side. We monitor our connecting algorithms so it's likely we aready got notification about your error. Still, it is valuable you to contact us.

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    How are my data secured?

    Your credentials are never stored bare. We use technique called end-to-end encryption. That means, when you enter your credentials in our app, they are first encrypted with public key. These encrypted credentials cannot be decrypted without private key, which is stored securely on our submit servers -meaning "on the way" from connect to submit images your data is encrypted. Every user has own public/private key pair.


    We also use other techniques like firewalls, monitoring. Every connection is protected by TLS



Phone: +420 774 646 172

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